Sometimes it can be incredibly challenging to be in our lives. Life can often come with feelings of disappointment, pain, grief, loneliness, and despair. In order to survive these intense feelings, we often manage these behaviors in ways that helps us at first, but later become unhealthy patterns that prevent us from being in our lives and relationships fully. Therapy can provide support and assistance if you are willing and motivated to make changes in your life.

The therapeutic process encourages you to be in contact with your feelings, your body and your relationships, creating new awareness of how you are in this world. This can open up access to your courage, livelihood & authenticity, and provide you with more choices in how you live your life.

The following include some of the reasons that folks come to see me:

• Anger Issues
• Anxiety
• Complex PTSD
• Developmental Trauma
• Depression
• Existential Concerns
• Feeling Stuck
• Grief and Loss
• Life Transitions
• LGBTQ issues
• Illness
• Isolation
• Personal Growth
• Psychedelic Integration
• Relational Challenges
• Sexuality Problems
• Spiritual Query